Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Ultimate Supertip

I've always thought that it would be great to be my own boss and work in my pajamas, impossible before I found The Ultimate Supertip. Fire my boss! How great would it be not to have some hot headed boss look over your shoulder? You know the type, no mater how much you do for this employer, all the overtime, going that extra step and never getting a "Thank you! I really appreciate your effort."

How The Ultimate Supertip Can Change Lives

Because of circumstances beyond my control, I now have that freedom. With the economy being the way it is, major companies laying off workers, hiring illegal immigrants and still outsourcing our jobs overseas. It is even hard getting a job at McDonalds. "Would you like fries with that?"
The Ultimate Supertip E-bookMore and more people are turning to the internet to make a living. Many people have made a nice living on the internet. The truth is...I am a no "BS" ordinary person, trying to make a living on the internet. Just like you.

The Ultimate Supertip At Work

I came across a FREE ebook called The Ultimate SuperTip written by Harvey Segal. Harvey is constantly updating this book. That's why the download goes directly to the site, so you can have the latest information.
The first thing striking my eyes when I visited Harvey Segals site supertips.com was the plain and simple design of his website.
Nothing fancy, nothing extraordinary. I even thought the site looked obsolete and wondered if the guy gets any traffic. I had no idea…

Harvey Segal And The Ultimate Supertip Legacy

Harvey Segal is one of the big players in the internet marketing industry. He started online in 1997 – so he truly is a veteran in this business. He owns the Clickbank Success Forum (over 12000 members) and is acknowledged as the worlds top ClickBank expert…now we’re talking!

 On his main site supertips.com Harvey offers plenty of ebooks you can download for free. He doesn’t even ask you for your name and e-mail adress, and that impressed me right away.

I downloaded “The Ultimate SuperTip”. This 39-page ebook literally blew me away. It is possible for everyone to make money with this ebook and it will explain to you exactly how.

 This is an education from the master on how to use VIRAL marketing to bring visitors to your website without the need for expensive advertising or bleeding your fingers with SEO work.

 The book is only 39 pages and if you are looking for an actioned packed spy thriller with twists and intrigue in every chapter then this would be one of the best reads all year.
The Ultimate Supertip reveals a terribly clever marketing tactic that shows you how to market any product without the aid search engines or paid advertising.

 Even better—you can make money giving this ebook away. I've made hundreds and hundreds of dollars in the last few months just by linking to Harvey's giveaway page.

You don't have to give up your name or email address to download the ebook, you can grab it in complete anonymity. Harvey just requires you download it from his site to be sure you're getting the latest version.

This is real easy money, as easy as it gets. If you decide to give away this ebook, all you do is link to it from your website with a special link you'll get from Harvey. You can also link to it in your email signature, forum and blog signatures and other places that allow you to have links in your signature file.

You have nothing to lose by checking The Ultimate Supertip out but you may have everything to gain! Just think about what you can do with this package. If you have a website or a list of subscribers – perfect! But even without that – Everybody is interested in a free ebook with valuable content!

So if you are as thrilled as I am about the “Ultimate SuperTip” you can download it here. It’s 100% free and you don’t even need to give away your name and e-mail address to get The Ultimate Supertip.

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